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About my project

Have you ever asked yourself how the princesses of power could look like in a real action movie? Or did u simply wish to see them in an updated premium doll line lifelike format? Then this is the project for you. 
​I'm an artist working as a visual merchandiser and I'm a fan of the masters of the universe franchise since 1982. He-man and She-ra was a world i could dive into as kid and it never left me since then. Im happy to see the revivals that are happening lately with Motuc and Origins, but never got truly satisfied with the figures. I hoped for a premium 1/6 scale format which Mondo is producing right now. But even Mondo isn't that great in my opinion. So I started my own line of figures after I got inspired by a german artist, who creates Motu characters out of Phicen dolls. Phicen is an asian brand producing silicon seamless body dolls with a metal skeleton inside, that allows you to pose them in every possible way. Also TBLeague is a similar brand releasing collector figures in the fantasy genre which gives you great base material to customise your own. Thats what I do now with all the princesses of Etheria. My vision and dream is to bring them to life in this epic realistic doll format, fleshed out and detailed, ready to show off in a great surrounding. I would like to bring Etheria back in a stunning way with settings of landscapes and sceneries to show new stories of She-ra and her rebellions. Its not my intention to copy filmation or mattel - so my versions of the characters will be different - new interpretations, but still adapted from the original concept. I just wanna leave the doll-ish part out and make them lifelike - means: real rebellions and warriors with armory and weapons that make sense. I hope you have fun with this project and please share it on social media. make it seen! I hope i can inspire others out there and bring up more talents and great art! That would make me happy!

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