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The Making of Angella

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Angella was my second figure after Catra. She is based on the amazing character

Kier-Shadow of heaven Court of the Dead, also from TBLeague productions.

The wings are stunningly sculpted on this one so the basematerial for her fits perfect

with that set. I also had to find a fitting head which resulted in a sculpt after the actress

Amanda Seifried. The very fragile plug in parts for the wings broke very early on, so i had

to replace them with magnet buttons which allow me also the wings to rotate. Everything

else was already included, i only did some repaint work and she was ready. Less favourite

character of mine but she turned out very vintage accurate and is great for posing! Two

sets of wings give u the option of flying pose or one with closed wings in standing position.

For the shooting i gave her Castle Brightmoon, some indoor castle shots and some out-

door over the roof ones.

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