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Making of the Settings

It's one thing to create new figures, another to give them the right setting for epic fotoshoots!

Thats something I can make from scratch, not need any base-material for and have completely freedom to do whatever I want. Its actually as fun as making the figures. I always loved big and impressive dioramas and it was planed from the start of this project, to give my

dolls the right environment they need to shine. It's like creating Etheria. Location scouting on the net is so much fun. Google is overloaded with fantasy desktop wallpapers you can use and get inspired from! All my character shootings profit from those amazing backdrops I wont take credit for. Very thankfull to all the amazing artists out there who made this possible with sharing their art for free use. What I do is print them out on big backdrop-folio and backlight them. In front I build up the fitting landscape that helps expand the backdrop picture. I made

5 settings so far: Vulcano black mountain and Green Thatch for Catras setting, The valley of sleep for Peekablues setting, the whispering woods for Flutterina and Castle Brightmoon for Angella. The vulcano setting is realy impressive considering its only a backdrop with 3 rocks in front. I layered the floor with coal and placed red lightbulbs under it to simulate the lava. Green Thatch a town overrun by the horde, is the same setting with different backdrop, just with a fog machine I also used for the cloudy Castle Brightmoon. For the whispering woods I only

had to add branches in front of the backdrop to give it some depth and decorated them with ribbons which fly in the wind with the help of a fan. For the valley of sleep I used the rocks i had, repainted them similar to the mountains in the backdrop and layered the ground with lots of moss pads. The lightning is important too! Always use the philips RGB bulb i can ajdust to the right mood.

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