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The Making of Bow

Special friend of She-ra and all other princesses I'm sure ;-) Second male character after

Sea Hawk. He had to be very handsome, that was my goal! Not that easy considering the male sculpts on the market. Either you will get a celeb head which I wanted to avoid, even I like Henry Cavill or Chris Hemsworth, but i didn't want Superman in my collection neither Thor. Or then they look ugly or older than Bow should be. That limited down the selection of male heads rapidly. But there was one in the end - he has a modern hairstyle but that didn't bother me. The sculpt is just amazing and looks so real in some fotos!

I took most parts from the omniscient figure made by ToysEra. Stamped a hole in the chestarmor for the light up beating heart. Painted red bloodstreams around it and repainted the rest in accurate gold, red and white. I actually 3D printed a beautiful headpiece which I accidentally damaged by stepping on it. Yeah shit happens sometimes. I replaced it with one from ebay-looks like a night goggle when u pull it down, haha! Thats it- blue leggins and red cape and baked is the handsome guy! Ready to break etherian hearts! You see in another post how his hearbeat lights up!

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