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The Making of Catra

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Catra was my first character i chose for the project. Simply cause I found great base material first for her. Tbleague offers great figures in the fantasy genre you can use for your own creations. Sariah the goddess of war is a great set that comes with the right accessories and armory which fit her character perfectly. I didn't liked the facesculpt, so i started searching for a month till i found another character out of the vampirella saga. Unfortunately i had to purchase the whole set to get those heads. Thats the downside of collecting. Sometimes u get lucky and find loose pieces on ebay. But in some cases u are forced to buy the whole set which can be also very limited and rare and therefore super expensive. I sculpted her red filmation mask and 3D printed the silver cat vintage one which i'm very proud of, cause thats a unique piece which only exists on my figure now. Repainted details in silver and rerooted the hair. Also tailored her a fur skirt with tail plus a hooded furcoat. I have two versions to show her: One in the red skull warrior style and one more vintage accurate. I still think she's one of the best figures i have!

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