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The Making of Double Trouble

Another character I wasn't planing to do, but like with Sea Hawk, I changed my mind when I found the perfect base material for her and decided to take her in! She's my least favourite of the line cause the vintage doll isn't appealing to me. She wasn't in filmation and was in general a bit left out of the franchise. I'm sure she's based on the Man-E-Faces concept of He-man, so they just made a female version with switchable faces. But I must say I like her character very much. It's intruiging to have a stand alone figure which is not easy to read and plays with both sides just how it fits her. That's kind of evil, so she's a villain in my opinion. Just one that is nor on Catras or She-ras side. Not to be trusted ever! Again TBleague gave me with the release of the Imperial Guardian a perfect possibilty to update her for my line. Turning her into a knight felt right for me and I love the armory, skirt and helmets, that came along with that set. I just had to find another head for her evil appearance, repainted the eyes and gave her different haircolors. Original blonde for the good side and the flaming red for her evil switch. Lots of repainting (practically everything) in her green signature colors did the rest. Love this figure and the possibility to switch heads. She's great!

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