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The Making of Entrapta

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Here we go - my favourite of them all :-) She was my first vintage doll i got as a kid. Immediately was caught by that chromatic shiny body and long hair. I prefer the villains in every story, dont ask me why, lol. In the german audioplays she has the superpower to turn

everything into gold she touches. Very deadly skill. Again, TBLeague offered me a great base with the fighter woman which has those high up golden metall armor boots. Her chestpiece is a part of wonderwoman i repainted in gold shades. Gave her wine colored leggins and made the skirt fabrics out of chiffon. The head was pretty easy to find. Who else could represent her better than Angelina Joli? I just changed the make-up in a more gothic style and now she looks malice enough. The hair is something else. I couldn't get the volume out of the nylon hair, so i had to mix it with woolstrings that give her the thickness of those voluminous braids. A wire inside supports the posing in different positions. Im very proud of this figure and think that's the way she should look if ever a movie is gonna make it to the big screen. I also could find mechanically gloves who gives her the tech touch, since she's a trap master of the horde.

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