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The Making of Flutterina

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Flutterina was fun to make. There was no basematerial for her. So i had only the blank

seamless body of Phicen to start with. Carressa Dawn Scott, who I found on Etsy supported

me with the beautiful butterfly wings. They are made out of strong transparent folio which has a print and additionally are glossed and glimmered. Her head has no specific celebrity behind the sculpt. It's an elfhead from an unknown figure set. So she has pointed ears that fits her character perfectly. The chestpiece is from the Fighter woman i used for Entrapta. The rest is collected from all over the net. Fully repainted everything to a nice purple and rose color concept and glued her hair which later i had to replace with a proper wig cause the hair started to get messy. Skirt is made out of ribbons. I love her facesculpt. She appears very youthful and lighthearted which her character is. She has two pair of wings, the butterfly ones and the bigger fairy ones. Also i created a more impressive setting: THE WHISPERING WOODS!

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