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The Making of Frosta

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

The ice empress of Etheria! She's one of my favourites. Loved Andersons fairytale the ice queen as a kid and still think it's a wonderful tale, like most are from Anderson. So the sympathy for an ice empress was given already. A bit of a challenge, since I had to do her from scratch (like Flutterina) with no real base figure. Found a good match with a headsculpt of Charlize Theron.

Piercing, cold, beautiful eyes! Funny how the resemblance shows in some pics and in others not. I try to avoid getting celeb heads. It destracts too much from the original character unless I can repaint it, to make it less obvious. But honestly good heads are hard to find. so u have to go with what you can get. Regarding Frosta, its perfect! I painted her body blue that resulted in that crushed layer on her skin of blue. Cause the silicon is elastic and paint doesn't do well on it. But in Frostas case it adds to the frosty look and makes her skin look like covered in ice. For all my repaint jobs I use vallejo. It's a specific paint produced for miniature figures and toy repaint.

Wide range of shades available, including special effect colors like metallics, glossy, fluorescent and much more. Strongly recommendable! Tailored her boots with white and silver leather and gave her a white sheep-hair-coat. I wanted to give her an Extra as well, so I went for the ice flower symbol on her forehead and one on her chest. The staff is made out of christmas ornaments. If you look on ebay for special effects for 1/6 scale figures u will find many cool things like lightflashes or laserbolts u can place in the hands to simulate superpower! Blue and white glimmer flocked all over her full body was the finish of the process, so she can fully glitter and sparkle in crystal snow and ice!

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