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The Making of Glimmer

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

The light princess, youngest of the bunch. It was not easy to find the right head for her. Had to be youthful, pretty and heroic. But I was lucky in the end and could get the right sculpt from an unknown set. TBLeagues Majestic crusader has the perfect silver bodysuit I could use for her. Also most of the armory, I repainted in her signature colors. I absolutely love her vintage design and prefer it over filmation, in which most of the characters are blue toned. I tried to go with the curly hair first, which is more unique. But decided to gave her a straight wig later. The curly is a bit clown-ish and was too much in volume. I'm still not happy with the straight wig and will update it with a better wavy one, when I find the perfect hair for it. Rerooting is a boring process I try to avoid if I can. I mostly glue the hair or replace it with a full wig. Or I give it in other professional hands, to do the job when rooting is needed. I know, lazy haha. Glimmer is a cool figure I love to pose, she looks great and fits the line perfectly.

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