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The Making of Netossa

The captivating beauty! I had a hard time to find a Phicen black body, cause it simply

doesn't exist on the market. So I had to find another way to make this character. Another

great release of TBLeague is the royal guardian, that comes with a full body chainmail, that

gave me the option to cover up her body fully, so u wont see her skin tone at all. And it came with the great side-effect of a netbody, which in fact couldn't be a better fit for Netossa.

Even if i like the vintage doll design, I had to strip down all the "carnival costume" cause it made no sense to me for a fighter to have all those hindering fashion on you, that keeps u from moving or fighting. (But did also the vintage version for the cardback design). I gave her the helmet and body armory and left out the unnecessary decoration. First I wanted to produce the net like the vintage template until I realised I could not shape the fabric as good as a wire mesh. Mesh it is then. I also wanted a second head (fashion royalty) with long hair and no helmet. For that I got a beautiful gradiant white-blue wig. She absolutely looks stunning with both head options. She's one of my favourites now. Very pleased with the outcome!

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