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The Making of Peekablue

Watchful "feathered" friend! I always thought she's the most beautiful out of the line.

So I made sure that shows also in my new updated line. Lifelike is the word, real peacock

feathers are needed! A lot! Also any other sorts of rich decorating feathers. She needed also

a special fitting armory which I found in Phanteons Athena- Goddess of wisdom. It was a very expensive set but I simply had to have it, cause the feather structures and beautiful details on the armory were too good to miss out on her! Adapted to the original color concept, I repainted her fully in blue, petrol, gold and green shades (thanks again Vallejo). Gave her a gorgeous sculpted head and a rich fan of peacock feathers, which is a standalone piece. Too big to attach on the back. Can't recall which head she has. It's from another figure set I don't know. Was able to purchase the head separately on ebay. Lovely sculpt with big green eyes I was looking for! For the hair I found this amazing long wavy wig in dark green.

She's a stunner! I mean, common, a peacock! Can it be more majestic?

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