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The Making of Scorpia

After a short break i started with Scorpia. I had no vintage template for this one, only the Motuc release and filmation. She's a great sidekick of Catra and was fun to make. The alien girl has a great basebody for her, also comes with a tail that I only had to repaint in her signature red color. The head is from another court of dead character Gethsemoni. Great sculpt, beautiful but insidious! So I mashed those two figure sets together and gave her scorpion hands from a

plastic toy. A third figure (queen of the dark spider) was added into this mix with this amazing backpack piece of insectoid legs. She didn't had those in filmation but it adds definitely to her frightening look and upgrades her perfectly. I worked with magnet attachment. Voila: She's baked!

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