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The Making of Sweet Bee

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Honey of a guide! She is probably most apart from the original concept. I wanted to make a robotic android alien out of her. I discovered the figure set of Alita battle angel, which has this amazing insectoid body sculpt, that perfectly represents the idea I had in mind for Sweet Bee.

I gave her the signature colors of orange and yellow added mostly metallic gold to it to bring out the robotic appearance. Again Carressa Dawn Scott supported me with the craft of sparkly, transparent bee wings! I tried out many heads for her and ended up with two I still can't decide which one fits better. So she has two. A golden one for the more android type and a human fleshtone one with big bug/bee eyes. I added furry parts to the body in black and orange. A leftover helmet from another purchased figure set is working pretty well for her

after i changed and repainted the piece. She can wear it in four different ways which is cool and gives many posing options. But I didn't stop there. Created another space helmet out of a plastic spoon I deformed under heat and put real beewax in it to give the helmet the comb-texture. Integrated blinking LED's take care of a cool special effect! Additionally I sculpted the antenna headpiece out of fimo leatherclay. This clay stays bendable after baking, which is perfect for a piece that shouldn't break that easely. She's very unique and I like this new interpretation of her. Thats the fun thing about this project: finding new ways to flesh out a character and bring it to life. Not just copy the vintage one in a bigger scale. Make your new interpretation!

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