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Welcome to Etheria!

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

So this is it! Welcome to my new blog and website! Happy to have you back!

I hope you all enjoy this project! Nothing has changed besides its not facebook anymore. This will be much more fun, cause i can create an even better overview of my work and project, free from adds, restrictions and algorithms! Its a free and independent space where u can look around and dive into the fantastic world of She-ra and the rebellions! It will be more organised and more informative than it was on facebook. I also try to give away more about the making process of the figures and landscape settings. Wix is offering a lot of options therefore it's also possible to have a members section and forum where you can post your own polls, art or start discussions, leave comments etc. You see? All is here as well, but it takes active members otherwise it will be silent. If nobody participates, nothing will happen, it's as simple as that. It will take a while till i have reorganised all the finished work of the concluded figures. But it will be ready soon, this site wont be empty for long! And please be patient, this is the first website I have done in my life, so maybe some errors will appear in the beginning. Just leave a message and let me know what isn't working so i can improve. It will be difficult to bring people over here and revive everything but i have to say, i rather go with 30 people who participate than having a 1000 followers who never show as sign of themselves.

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